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Measurement of order parameter, birefringence and polarizibility of liquid crystals

  • Anita Kanwar
Research Article


The refractive index (RI) is a basic optical property of materials and its accurate value is often needed in many branches of physic and chemistry. There are several methods used to find refractive index of the material. We have used Hollow prism method to measure refractive indices of Cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) solution. Measurements were made mixing CLC in a neutral solvent to make homogeneous solution at room temperature. Measurements were made at different temperatures for one molar concentration of the solution. Refractive indices both ordinary and extra ordinary were measured for three different wavelengths. The values obtained are analyzed using Vuks equation and Haller and Horn method. Birefringence, order parameter and polarizibility values obtained at various temperatures for three different wavelengths are discussed here.


Hollow prism Refractive indices Cholesteric liquid crystal Birefringence Polarizability 


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsVES College of Arts, Science and Com, Sindhi SocietyMumbaiIndia

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