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Thin-film organic photonics: molecular layer deposition and applications by T. Yoshimura

CRS press, FL, USA
  • G. Vijaya Prakash
Book Review

This book finely addresses the issues related to atomic and molecular assembly and various technologies available. While the author included the discussion related to many such techniques (such as MBE, CVD etc.), the focus has been dedicated to the molecular layer deposition (MLD) technique. Molecular layer deposition (MLD) continues to receive special attention as the next-generation growth technique for organic thin-film materials used in photonics and electronics.

MLD is predominantly different from other techniques since it is a dot-by-dot growth process therefore ensures a 3D growth process. This book mainly discusses the MLD technique in order to achieve self-organised growth of polymer/molecular wire networks with desirable molecular arrangements for controlling the electron/hole wavefunctions. Hence, MLD has the potential to fabricate organic thin films for application in various optical, photovoltaic, TFT’s and EL devices.

Fundamentals related to conventional atomic/molecular...

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  1. 1.Nanophotonics LAb, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology DelhiNew DelhiIndia

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