Structure and Mechanical Properties of Gastropod Egg Capsules from Southeast Coast of India

  • T. KaviarasanEmail author
  • R. Sivasankar
  • S. Y. Tenjing
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Egg capsules of Hemifusus pugilinus (spiral melongena) and Rapana rapiformis (turnip-shaped rapa) were studied for their morphometric, structural and rheological properties. The results revealed that eggs of H. pugilunus showed 25 ± 5.0 mm, 10 ± 2.5 mm and 4 ± 0.9 mm in length, width and apical opening respectively; in R. rapiformis, the measurements of length, width and apical opening were 17 ± 2.0 mm, 5 ± 0.7 mm and 3 ± 0.3 mm respectively. The egg capsules of H. pugilinus and R. rapiformis were examined in Light (Optical) Microscope and Scanning Electron Microscopic studies for their ultra-structure. Hemifusus pugilinus was made up of a mass loosely packed band branched fibers in the same orientation, but R. rapiformis had very compactly packed fibers without branching. The results of eggs capsule tensile strength of H. pugilinus and R. rapiformis were found to be 7.5767 MPa and 60.4200 MPa respectively. Further, FTIR was performed using raw egg capsules powder and the results were discussed. Based on the present investigation, egg capsules showed much ability to act as a biofiber and biodegradable plastics rather than synthesized polymer. Hence, further research should be needed to bring out the biopolymer materials from these gastropods.


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The authors are grateful to Pondicherry University for scanning electron microscope. Sample analysis for mechanical strength supported by Footwear Testing Laboratory (Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai), is highly acknowledged.


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