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, Volume 73, Issue 5, pp 606–608 | Cite as

Riccia thongjaorokensis — A new fossil liverwort from Oligocene beds of the Tertiary, Northeast India

  • R. K. Hemanta SinghEmail author
  • R. K. Kishor


A fossil gametophytic thallus, resembling Riccia L., from the Barail Sandstone (Early Oligocene) of the Thongjaorok Stream section (24°27′41″N and 93°44′40″E) of Manipur in Northeast India is reported as a new species — Riccia thongjaorokensis. Description of this new taxon is based on a cluster of 5–6 well preserved gametophytic thalli. This paper deals also with the paleoecology of the area.


Riccia Oligocene Thongjaorok Manipur 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of GeologyImphal CollegeImphalIndia
  2. 2.Institute of Bio-resources and Sustainable DevelopmentTakyelpat Institutional AreaImphalIndia

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