Journal of Hand and Microsurgery

, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 45–49

Internal headless compression screw method for 4-corner fusion

Point of Technique


Midcarpal fusion and scaphoidectomy, also referred to as 4 corner fusion, is a common treatment for post-traumatic wrist arthritis, either scapholunate advanced collapse or scaphoid nonunion advanced collapse. Historically fixation for the fusion mass was performed with Kirschner wires. Bone graft was sometimes taken from the discarded scaphoid. More recently, articles have focused on the method of fixation and its potential role in causing high nonunion rates or specific complications. This article offers readers a reliable technique for midcarpal fusion designed to minimize both nonunion and hardware related complications.


Midcarpal Fusion Wrist Arthritis Screws Technique 


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