Jessica Duncan and Megan Bailey (eds.) Sustainable food futures: multidisciplinary solutions

Routledge, Earthscan, Abingdon, 2017, xix + 218 pp., ISBN 978-1-138-20,616-8 (hbk), ISBN 978-1-315-46,313-1 (ebk)
  • Joëlla van de Griend
Book Review

This book is born from the idea that in academic writing on food systems, most attention is given to identifying and describing problems, and less to investigating and exploring solutions. With that in mind, this book entails a collection of 13 papers, all departing from the known challenges of the food system, but alternatively they focus on research of promising solutions to these concerns. As discussions within the chapters remain quite broad, the book is also suitable for non-specialist readers interested in solutions to different kinds of challenges in the food system and those who are interested in the social aspects of the food system.

In the second chapter, the concept of food security is briefly explained and applied to the case of Arctic food initiatives. In other chapters, food security is often not explicitly discussed, but the authors rather discuss solutions that can be connected to one or more aspects of food security. The aspects of food security that are most relevant...

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