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Derek Byerlee, Walter P. Falcon and Rosamond L. Naylor: the tropical oil crop revolution: food, feed, fuel and forests

Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK; 2017, viii +288 pp. ISBN 9780190222987; also available as an ebook
  • Ann Bruce
Book Review

Oilseeds are among the most rapidly expanding of all agricultural crops, and a recent report on global diets1 by CIAT (Centre for Research on Tropical Agriculture) confirms that they have become globally dominant contributors to calorific intake. Moreover, oil crops are also critical for feeding livestock and for the production of biofuels. This book, therefore, covers a most important topic for those interested in food security in its widest sense, and it does so from an interdisciplinary perspective.

What comes to your mind, I wonder, when you think about tropical oil crops? The images that came to my northern hemisphere mind were of oil palm and such issues as tropical forest destruction, the extinction of Orangutans and loss of land rights of indigenous populations. While not avoiding such important matters, the book sets out a much more nuanced picture and ends on a modestly optimistic note. It focuses on two main crops, oil palm and soybeans, and examines them in a tropical...

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