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Al Gore: The future

WH Allen, UK, 2013, 592 pp, Hardback, £25, ISBN 978-0-7535-4048-0
  • Iain M. M. Gillespie
Book Review

This latest book by ex-US Vice President Al Gore is a veritable tour-de-force, at least for the most part, covering a huge range at impressive depth. It is this depth, rather than the range, that sometimes risks obscuring the power of Gore’s argument. No stone is left unturned, and Mr Gore states emphatically early on in the text that the book is “data driven and based on deep research and reporting”. Sometimes, however, less is more and a few of the arguments get bogged down in rhetoric. Still, this is certainly an important and thought-provoking book and deserves, perhaps even requires, to be read several times to get the full force of the richness of the material and the strength of Gore’s passion.

Like in his other works, Mr Gore examines major challenges to human-kind, analyses their contexts and causes and proposes concrete actions for change. He says, “this book is not principally about climate or about the disintegration of US democracy and degradation of governance in the...

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