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Misalignment estimation for active telescopes

  • C. Escolle
  • V. MichauEmail author
  • M. Ferrari
  • T. Fusco
  • E. Hugot
Original Paper


The estimation of the misalignment of an active telescope, from aberrations measured in its focal plane, is a tomographic issue. MMSE-based estimation is successfully used in optical tomography issues, like multiconjugate adaptive optics, where the problem is linear, and the phase perturbation spectrum rapidly decreasing. The implementation of MMSE developed in the case of multiconjugate adaptive optics has been applied to the alignment of active telescopes, although the forward problem is not linear, and the aberration spectrum different. Its performance is characterized by numerical modeling in the case of a TMA type large-field imaging space telescope, and compared to the classical Least-Square approach. The MMSE estimation brings a significant gain in terms of robustness and accuracy.


Active optics Telescope MMSE Inverse problem Space 



This work has been performed with the support of a Ph.D. grant from CNES. The authors would like to thank F. Cassaing, J. M. Conan, and L. Mugnier for fruitful discussion.


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  1. 1.ONERA/DOTA, Université Paris SaclayChâtillonFrance
  2. 2.LAM, UMR 7326MarseilleFrance

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