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Application of classical transportation methods to find the fuzzy optimal solution of fuzzy transportation problems

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To the best of our knowledge till now there is no method in the literature to find the exact fuzzy optimal solution of unbalanced fully fuzzy transportation problems. In this paper, the shortcomings and limitations of some of the existing methods for solving the problems are pointed out and to overcome these shortcomings and limitations, two new methods are proposed to find the exact fuzzy optimal solution of unbalanced fuzzy transportation problems by representing all the parameters as LR flat fuzzy numbers. To show the advantages of the proposed methods over existing methods, a fully fuzzy transportation problem which may not be solved by using any of the existing methods, is solved by using the proposed methods and by comparing the results, obtained by using the existing methods and proposed methods. It is shown that it is better to use proposed methods as compared to existing methods.


Fuzzy transportation problem Ranking function LR flat fuzzy number 


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