A New Algorithm to Solve Meshing-In Impact Considering the Measured Pitch Error and to Investigate its Influence on the Dynamic Characteristics of a Gear System

  • Fang GuoEmail author
  • Zong-De Fang
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To study the actual changing rule of the meshing-in impact considering the measured pitch error and the effect on the dynamic characteristics of a gear system, this paper presents a new algorithm to calculate the meshing-in impact considering the measured pitch error. Based on the tooth contact analysis and loaded tooth contact analysis considering the measured pitch error, the algorithm can determine the exact original position where each mating tooth pair comes into contact in the process of gear transmission. Furthermore, we consider the meshing-in impact as dynamic excitation and simulate the dynamic response of the gear system with or without this excitation. The simulation result is expressed in time and frequency domains, phase plane plots and Poincaré maps. By using the wavelet packet transformation, the impact feature is extracted from the vibration response of the gear system.


Meshing-in impact Measured pitch error Original position coming into contact Dynamic response 



The authors would like to thank the National Science Foundation of China for financially supporting this research under the Grant No. 51375384.


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