A review on 3D printed bioimplants

  • Chee Meng Benjamin Ho
  • Sum Huan Ng
  • Yong-Jin Yoon


Additive manufacturing (AM) also known as 3D printing have been making inroads into medical applications such as surgical models and tools, tooling equipment, medical devices. One key area researchers are looking into is bioimplants. With the improvement and development of AM technologies, many different bioimplants can be made using 3D printing. Different biomaterials and various AM technologies can be used to create customized bioimplants to suit the individual needs. With the aid of 3D printing this could lead to new foam and design of bioimplants in the near further. Therefore, the purpose of this review articles is to (1) Describe the various AM technologies and process used to make bioimplants, (2) Different types of bioimplants printed with AM and (3) Discuss some of the challenges and future developments for 3D printed bioimplants.


3D printing Additive manufacturing Bioimplant 


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