T6 Heat Treatment Impact on the Random Frequency Vibration Stress of Al–Si–Mg Alloys

  • V. H. Carneiro
  • H. PugaEmail author


Recent studies show an interest on the static and dynamic mechanical properties in applications where both influence the overall performance of mechanical systems. This study explores the impact of the T6 heat treatment in the elastic and damping properties of Al–Si–Mg alloys. Consequently, the role of such properties is characterized by the stresses that are developed in resonant structures. Experimental testing shows that, due to pinning length modifications, the heat treatments generate a progressive increase in Young’s modulus and a reduction in loss factor. Recurring to finite element analysis, it is concluded that such modifications in material properties generate a reduction in resonant stress after solution treatment. This stress tends to increase as the artificial ageing progresses. A model, based on an exponential decay function, is proposed to describe the variation of resonant stress as the elastic and damping properties are changed during the T6 treatment.


Artificial ageing Al alloys Young’s modulus Loss factor Static Damping 



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  2. 2.CMEMS – UMinhoUniversity of MinhoGuimarãesPortugal

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