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Die-attach for power devices using the Ag sintering process: Interfacial microstructure and mechanical strength

  • Byung-Suk Lee
  • Jeong-Won YoonEmail author


The sintering reactions and mechanical reliability of Ag sinter paste with three different surface finishes, Cu, Ag, and electroless nickel-immersion gold, were evaluated during the sintering process. We compare the sintering reaction behaviors of the three sintered joints and identify the relationship between the sintering behavior and the sintered Ag/substrate compatibility. Inter-diffusion behaviors result in of good metallurgical bonding during the Ag sintering process in the three sintered joints. The shear strength increases on increasing the bonding pressure, irrespective of the surface finish. The surface finish material of the substrate strongly affects the shear strength of the Ag sintered joints. The Ag finished joint exhibits superior interfacial stability and shear strength compared to the Cu and Au finished joints.


power electronics Ag sintering Ag paste joining electronic materials 


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  1. 1.Welding and Joining R&D GroupKorea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH)IncheonRepublic of Korea

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