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Effect of two-step severe plastic deformation on the microstructure and mechanical properties of commercial purity titanium

  • Kaveh Hajizadeh
  • Beitallah Eghbali


The present work investigates the microstructural and mechanical properties of commercial purity titanium after processing by a two-step severe plastic deformation procedure entailing warm equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) followed by cold rolling at liquid nitrogen temperature (LNT). The effect of subsequent cold rolling at room temperature is also investigated for comparison. After 10 passes of ECAP, an ultrafine-grained structure with average grain size of 213 nm was achieved. Subsequent cold rolling at LNT led to further refinement and decreased the grain size to 114 nm. Under these conditions, the material displayed high tensile strength of 995 MPa and high elongation to failure of 23%. These promising mechanical properties were interpreted in terms of characteristics of the microstructure: grain refinement, increased dislocation density, and a high fraction of high angle grain boundaries.

Key words

nanostructured materials severe plastic deformation mechanical properties transmission electron microscopy (TEM) titanium 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Materials EngineeringSahand University of TechnologyTabrizIran

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