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New records of neonate and juvenile sharks (Heptranchias perlo, Squatina aculeata, Etmopterus spinax) from the North-eastern Mediterranean Sea

  • Nuri BaşustaEmail author
Short Communication


Three species of neonate and juvenile sharks (Heptranchias perlo, Squatina aculeata, Etmopterus spinax) were captured as by-catch from a commercial trawl fishing from depths between 360 and 430 m in the North-eastern Mediterranean Sea. Two neonates of H. perlo, five neonates of E. spinax and one juvenile of S. aculeata were for the first time identified in the above region.


Heptranchias perlo Squatina aculeata Etmopterus spinax Sharpnose sevengill shark Sawback angelshark Velvet belly North-eastern Mediterranean 


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  1. 1.Faculty of FisheriesFirat UniversityElazigTurkey

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