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A Review on Recent Advances in Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Techniques

  • S. K. SudhaEmail author
  • S. Aji
Review Article


Due to the rapid advancements in the remote sensing (RS) imaging modalities, the scientific fraternity has been challenged to develop sophisticated methods for retrieving similar images from huge image archives. Developing efficient retrieval methods has become more challenging, as the quantity of RS image databases is growing fast in the spatial information domain. Even though numerous techniques have been developed for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval (RSIR) in the last decade, most of them are found to be less effective on a large volume of RS image databases. Several studies have been conducted to analyze the issues related to the challenges involved in the design of efficient and reliable retrieval techniques for an RSIR. A systematic study has been conducted on the existing RSIR methods, especially on the performance of the techniques with large datasets, and the findings are explained in this paper. The discussions and findings presented in this paper will give new insight, into the different RSIR techniques. The recommendations given at the end of the paper will help the new researchers in the RS domain to choose effective methodologies that can improve the performance of the RSIR system in different retrieval schemes.


Feature extraction Relevance feedback Active learning Similarity measure Deep learning 



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