Erratum to: Analyzing and dating the structure of the Phaistos Disk

  • Wolfgang Reczko
Open Access

Erratum to: Archael Anthropol Sci (2009)

DOI 10.1007/s12520-009-0015-2

The original version of this article unfortunately contains mistakes in the second section concerning the disk sides.

The first line in the fourth paragraph should read:

The spiral of both sides has 18 boxes with a small but important box on side A right after the 18th box counted from the center.

The sixth paragraph should read:

This structure is not visible on first glance, e.g., both box groups, the inner spiral and the outer rim, were often identified as one contiguous group, as can be seen in the literature, where the side A’s box names ranged from A01-not stopping at A18—to A30; obviously, the short break at A18 is overlooked, and the possibility to identify a Saros cycle is missed.

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