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Model of stress distribution during coal roadway excavation and its numerical validation

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This paper establishes a mechanical model of the stress distribution in front of the driving face during coal roadway excavation. Theoretical research shows that the stress state in the plastic zone of the driving face is consistent with the limit equilibrium equation, and the elastic zone is in accordance with the equilibrium equation based on elasticity mechanics. Based on this improved mechanical state solution model, different coal material constitutive hypotheses are used for the analysis. The width of the plastic zone calculated under the brittle-perfectly elastic model can reach 2–5 times the height of the roadway, and the stress concentration coefficient can reach two or more times. 3DEC numerical simulation software was used to simulate the stress distribution of the heading face. The results of the simulation are similar to those of the theoretical analysis. Compared with the elastic-perfectly plastic model, the calculated results of the brittle-perfectly elastic model are more consistent with the numerical simulation results. The heading face coal during roadway excavation shows obvious damage, and the strength characteristics of the coal decrease.

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This research is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51274206, 51404277, 51874312, U1910206) and the Open fund of State Key Laboratory of Deep Geomechanics and Underground Engineering. This support is greatly acknowledged and appreciated.

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  • Stress state model
  • Coal and gas outburst
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  • Stress concentration factor