Correction to: Using the catchment-based fractal model to delineate geochemical anomalies associated with Cu-W polymetallic deposits in the Zhuxi, Jiangxi Province

  • Yongpeng OuyangEmail author
  • Jianfeng Rao
Correction to: Arabian Journal of Geosciences (2018) 11: 797
Fig. 3

Stream sediment geochemical sample locations and distribution of the known Cu-W deposits

Fig. 4

Simplified geological map of the Zhuxi District (revised from Chen et al. 2016)

The original version of this paper was published with error. Figures 3 and 4 captions were incorrectly provided thus need to switch locations. Given in this article are the corrected figure captions.

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  1. 1.912 Party of Jiangxi Bureau of Geology and Mineral ExplorationYingtanChina

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