Food Engineering Reviews

, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 306–322 | Cite as

Evaluation of Food Quality and Safety with Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI)

  • Raúl SicheEmail author
  • Ricardo Vejarano
  • Victor Aredo
  • Lia Velasquez
  • Erick Saldaña
  • Roberto Quevedo
Review Article


The current lifestyle and a greater awareness of the benefits of proper nutrition demand requirements for products offered in the market, being very important the safety, sensory attributes and composition of these respect to the benefits from their constituents, which in most of cases can only be assessed using techniques that require high investment of human, technological and time resources. This has caused the food industry to seek to develop products, besides the aforementioned requirements, which use technologies with less product loss during the analysis. Of all the available options, hyperspectral imaging technology is shown as one of the most promising alternatives, being a nondestructive analysis technology that can easily engage in productive processes. In this review, we collect the most important studies conducted using the hyperspectral imaging technology in assessing the quality and safety of food products, such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals, meats, dairy and egg products.


Hyperspectral imaging Spectral signature Food analysis Food quality and safety Nondestructive 



Raúl Siche thanks the following institutions for funding: Fondo para la Innovación, la Ciencia y la Tecnología—FINCyT (Contract 407-PNICP-PIAP-2014) and Universidad Nacional de Trujillo—UNT (PIC2-2013/UNT). Erick Saldaña thanks the “Ministerio de Educación del Perú” for the scholarship granted by the program “Programa Nacional de Becas y Crédito Educativo” (PRONABEC).


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