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B. Leonard Holman, MD. (1941–1998)

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History Corner

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Dr. B. Leonard Holman was a pioneer in Nuclear Medicine and Radiology.

During his relatively short, but productive, career Dr. Holman explored novel clinical applications of radionuclide imaging of the brain and the heart. He was an early advocate of quantification and digitization of nuclear medicine images. In a 1981 monograph that he published with co-author J. Anthony Parker, he outlined his early thinking about Computer-Assisted Cardiac Nuclear Medicine. Dr. Holman made major contributions to brain perfusion imaging. He advocated the development of specialized instrumentation to improve the resolution of brain SPECT imaging. In a seminal publication, he demonstrated unequivocally that patients who used cocaine had marked pathological changes in regional cerebral blood flow. Dr. Holman also developed radionuclide imaging-guided minimally invasive surgical techniques for the resection of tumors. He was a strong believer of internet-based education and...



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