Gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumor with predominant cystic formation diagnosed by endoscopic ultrasound-fine needle aspiration

  • Koji TakahashiEmail author
  • Takeshi Nihei
  • Yohei Aoki
  • Naoaki Konno
  • Miyuki Nakagawa
  • Akari Munakata
  • Ken Okawara
  • Haruo Ohtani
  • Hiroshi Kashimura
Case Report


A 69-year-old woman who had no symptoms was found to have an intraperitoneal tumor on abdominal ultrasonography in a medical checkup. Thereafter, she was referred to our hospital for a further detailed examination. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography revealed a thin-walled cystic tumor with a diameter of 8 cm and with a hypervascular solid masses in the cystic wall, along with intraperitoneal multiple nodules. The cystic tumor was contiguous with the stomach wall. For solid mass of cystic lesions, endoscopic ultrasound-fine needle aspiration was performed transgastrically with a 25-gauge Franseen needle. Pathologically, the cells in the tumor were spindle shaped with atypical nucleus and were positive for c-kit, CD34, and smooth muscle actin. The tumor was diagnosed as gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). With the diagnosis of gastric GIST with peritoneal dissemination, imatinib chemotherapy was initiated.


Endoscopic ultrasound-fine needle aspiration Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Predominant cystic formation 



The authors would like to thank all the staff involved in the treatments of the patient at Mito Saiseikai General Hospital. We would also like to thank Enago for the English language review.

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