A case report of complicated appendicular hydatid cyst mimicking an appendiceal mucocele

  • Mohamed Ali ChaouchEmail author
  • Mohamed Wejih Dougaz
  • Mehdi Khalfallah
  • Hichem Jerraya
  • Ramzi Nouira
  • Ibtissem Bouasker
  • Chadli Dziri
Case Report


Retaining the etiology of a cystic lesion in the right iliac fossa can be difficult. Appendicular hydatid cyst is a very uncommon cause of a such lesion. In some cases, diagnosis is not obvious. It can radiologically mimic an appendix mucocele, a complicated ovarian cyst, an appendicular lymphangioma or an abscess. Our case highlights the difficulties encountered in this kind of situation and despite the contribution of imaging. We present a case of a 75 years-old woman presented with a right lower quadrant continuous pain. Abdominal CT-scan revealed a multilocular cystic and hydro-aeric mass. The diagnosis of an appendiceal mucocele complicated with gelatinous peritonitis was suspected. An open debulking surgery with right hemicolectomy was performed. The pathological exam has concluded to an infected appendicular hydatid cyst with thick calcified walls. The aim of this work is to report a case of an appendicular hydatid cyst that has imitated an appendicular mucocele to discuss the importance of differential diagnostic reflections and the appropriate treatment.


Hydatid cyst Mucocele Surgery Appendix Infection 


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Mohamed Ali Chaouch, Mohamed Wejih Dougaz, Mehdi Khalfallah, Hichem Jerraya, Ramzi Nouira, Ibtissem Bouasker, Chadli Dziri had no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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Informed consent was obtained from all patients for being included in the study.


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