, Volume 97, Issue 3, pp 247–249

Aseptic loosening of total hip replacement presenting as an anterior thigh mass

Case Report

DOI: 10.1007/s12306-011-0167-y

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Gudena, R., Kuna, S. & Pradhan, N. Musculoskelet Surg (2013) 97: 247. doi:10.1007/s12306-011-0167-y


Aseptic loosening is one of the commonest complications of total hip replacement that can cause pain and instability. The chronic inflammatory response to the wear debris from the polyethylene or metal can cause osteolysis and implant failure. We report a case of aseptic loosening of the hip, presented with a swelling over the anterior thigh without any pain or instability in the joint. This mass was a foreign body granuloma formed secondary to the polyethylene wear debris due to the instability of the polyethylene in the metal shell. The patient underwent successful revision hip arthroplasty after the removal of the foreign body granuloma.


Aseptic loosening Polyethylene debris Foreign body granuloma 

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