Langerhans Histiocytosis Renders a Differential and Complementary Diagnosis for a Sjögren Syndrome Female Presenting with a Hypophyseal Mass, Pulmonary Emphysema and Thyroid Nodules

  • Shuo Li
  • Lu ZhangEmail author
  • Minghui Duan
  • Wenqin Li
  • Yingying Yang

Dear editor,

A 35-year-old female with 18 months of mouth and eye dryness, polyuria, polydipsia, amenorrhoea, several papules on the chest skin and 6 months of galactorrhea was referred to the outpatient department. Her peripheral blood sample indicated prolactin 57.84 ng/ml, follicle stimulating hormone 1.42 IU/L, luteinizing hormone 0.22 IU/L, estradiol 15.00 pg/ml; positive antinuclear antibody testing at 1:320 in a speckled pattern and positive anti-SSA. Physical examination revealed diffuse bilateral thyroid enlargement and triggering ivory lactation of bilateral breasts.

MRI demonstrated abnormal mass in the hypophysis funnel-area, about 9.0 × 6.9 × 9.5 mm with compression of optic chiasma. Water-deprivation test was positive. Ophthalmology examinations revealed positive Schirmer’s test and shortened tear break-up time (right 4 s, left 4 s). The unstimulated whole salivary flow rate was 0.02 mL/min. Histologic sections of salivary gland indicated the infiltration of lymphocytes...


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