Domestic elites and public opinion—the neglected dimension of externally induced democratization. International conference, September 5–7, 2012, University of Konstanz

How do domestic elites influence post-conflict democratization, and how do they perceive and react to external interference in peace- and democracy-building? In what ways do domestic elites benefit from and/or exploit the long-term presence of external actors for their political purposes? How does public opinion reflect the conflict, the challenges of post-conflict democratization and the interference of external actors? Those were the key research questions addressed at the international conference “Domestic Elites and Public Opinion—The Neglected Dimension of Externally Induced Democratization” organized by Sonja Grimm (University of Konstanz), Brigitte Weiffen (University of Konstanz) and Sabina Ferhadbegović(University of Jena). The conference was funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG) and the Center of...

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