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Direct comparison of catalyst-free and catalyst-induced GaN nanowires

  • Caroline ChèzeEmail author
  • Lutz Geelhaar
  • Oliver Brandt
  • Walter M. Weber
  • Henning Riechert
  • Steffen Münch
  • Ralph Rothemund
  • Stephan Reitzenstein
  • Alfred Forchel
  • Thomas Kehagias
  • Philomela Komninou
  • George P. Dimitrakopulos
  • Theodoros Karakostas
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GaN nanowires have been grown by molecular beam epitaxy either catalyst-free or catalyst-induced by means of Ni seeds. Under identical growth conditions of temperature and V/III ratio, both types of GaN nanowires are of wurtzite structure elongated in the Ga-polar direction and are constricted by M-plane facets. However, the catalyst-induced nanowires contain many more basal-plane stacking faults and their photoluminescence is weaker. These differences can be explained as effects of the catalyst Ni seeds.


Nanowire nanocolumn molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) photoluminescence stacking faults catalyst 


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