Correction to: Sex and Gender Differences in Ischemic Heart Disease: Endocrine Vascular Disease Approach (EVA) Study Design

  • Valeria RaparelliEmail author
  • Marco Proietti
  • Andrea Lenzi
  • Stefania Basili
  • On behalf of EVA Collaborators

Correction to: Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research

The authors of this study protocol would like to amend it and clarify that medication adherence was assessed using the 4-item validated Morisky, Green, Levine scale [Morisky DE, Green LW, Levine DM. Concurrent and predictive validity of a self-reported measure of medication adherence. Med Care. 1986 Jan;24(1):67–74] rather than the 4-item Morisky Medication Adherence Scale.

Therefore, please modify accordingly:

1) Page 1 - Section “Abbreviations” - MMAS-4 Morisky Medication Adherence Scale-4 Items.

Please remove the abbreviation aforementioned.

2) Page 6 – Subheading “Clinical, Pharmacological, and Gender-Related Factors”.

Manuscript text: “pharmacological therapy and Morisky Medication Adherence Scale-4 Items [75]”.

Please change the text as follows “pharmacological therapy and medication adherence [75]”.

Please change the reference 75 [Shalansky, S. J., Levy, A. R., & Ignaszewski, A. P. (2004). Self-reported Morisky score for identifying nonadherence with cardiovascular medications. Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 38(9), 1363–1368] that should be read “Morisky DE, Green LW, Levine DM (1986). Concurrent and predictive validity of a self-reported measure of medication adherence. Med Care 24(1):67-74”.


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