Condom Penile Necrosis

  • Bhushan DodiaEmail author
  • Jainesh Dodia
  • Valji Dodia
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Condom catheter (CC) serve as an non-invasive external urinary catheter drainage. These are specially used in bedridden patients, patients with incontinence and also in patients with reduced mobility. However CC too are not without complications. Skin irritation, contact dermatitis, penile skin inflammation, urethral fistulaes, gangrene have been reported in literature due to condom catheter. We present a case of total penile necrosis secondary to condom catheter calling it as Condom Penile Necrosis. Our case as an eye-opener highlights the importance of proper CC care.


Condom penile necrosis Penile gangrene Condom catheter Tight condom catheter Penile amputation Penile strangulation 



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