Zeal to Heal

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Letter to Editor

Waking up from my slumber sweet,

Cutting short my dreams, I retreat

Burning oil all the night

None to lend a hand, none to hear my plight.

Sacrifices I’ve made every day,

Yet, time and again I have to prove my say.

When all is well I am their deity

My place is next to god almighty!

Shouldering a huge basket full of Stress

Healing the sick from distress.

The tick of a clock clearly heard,

The small hours of the night spent unspoken, unheard.

A bad patient, an awkward disease,

An imperfect decision in a tricky situation,

Abruptly changed now, is my position,

All at once, I cease to stand in the crease!!

Abuses I hear,

Assaults I bear,

Yet, when the next sick arrive

I strive, to let them survive.

Is this all I deserve?

For the sacrifices I made, just to serve!

All the while I stood on my heel,

Only ‘cause I had the zeal to heal!!

—Dr. Naaz Jahan Shaikh


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