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A Safer Technique of Closure of Peptic Ulcer Perforation

  • Satya Prakash GuptaEmail author
Surgical Techniques and Innovations


There are several variations in the technique of closure of peptic ulcer perforation. The technique of closure of perforation by figure of 8 was found to be very effective in dealing with this common problem


Figure of 8 stitch 



The author is thankful to Dr. Rajesh Khandelwal, Dr. Vijay Agrawal, Dr. Ashish, Dr. Dheeraj, Dr. Ruchir, Dr. Vinny, Dr. Viraj, Dr. Varsha, Dr. B.C. Mewara and Dr. Sandeep for their assistance. The author is also thankful to Jaya Gupta for computer graphics.


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  1. 1.R.N.T. Medical College & M.B. HospitalUdaipurIndia

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