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Preoperative Prediction Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the recent article on: Preoperative prediction of difficult lap chole: a scoring method [1].

Laboratory findings like white cell count, serum bilirubin, liver enzymes do help in giving information on the extent of inflammation that can be expected around the area of surgery. These too could be predictors of surgical difficulty in addition to features like ultrasonic wall thickness, palbable lump and other parameters mentioned in the article.

It would be good to know if the authors have any data on the above and/ or reasons for not including them in the publication.

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  1. 1.
    Randhawa JS, Pujahari AK (2009) Preoperative prediction of difficult lap chole: a scoring method. Indian J Surg 71:198–201CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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  1. 1.Department of Minimal Access SurgeryApollo HospitalNew DelhiIndia

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