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Isolation, Identification and Characterization of Allelochemicals/Natural Products. Sampietro, Diego A., Catalan, Cesar A.N., Vattuone Marta A., eds. (Narwal, S.S., series ed.). 2009. Science Publishers, Enfield (NH), Jersey, Plymouth;; iv + 547 pp. (hardcover). USD 139.00. ISBN 978-1-57808-577-4.

The objective of this first part of a planned multivolume manual of allelopathy is to create a compendium on the techniques of standard methods in allelopathy research. According to the editors the lack of such a compendium “has caused a lot of problems to researchers working in underdeveloped/third world countries in small towns, where library and research facilities are not available.” However, this multidisciplinary volume is not confined to allelochemicals; it also refers to secondary metabolites in general as can be seen from the title. This volume comprises three text sections subdivided into 18 chapters, plus appendices. Suggested readings are listed at the end of every...


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