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A New Species of Castilleja (Orobanchaceae) from Trujillo, Venezuela

  • J. Mark Egger


Castilleja exigua is described from an ample collection obtained in the Paramó de Guirigay, Monumento Natural Teta de Niquitao, Trujillo, Venezuela. The new species is a member of subg. and sect. Castilleja. This apparently very rare species is known at present from a single, geographically restricted population and should be considered globally endangered.

Key Words

Castilleja new species Orobanchaceae rare plants Scrophulariaceae Venezuela 



I extend my sincere appreciation to Linda A. Vorobik for her skillful preparation of the illustration, to John L. Strother and Alan R. Smith (both of UC/JEPS) for editing the diagnosis and translating it into Latin, and to Laurence J. Dorr (US) for consultation concerning the type collection and related details. I also thank David E. Giblin (WTU) for assistance with loans and other herbarium-related matters. Appreciation is also extended to the curatorial staff of F, K, MO, NY, TEX, US, and WIS for providing loans of relevant collections, to L. J. Dorr and D. E. Giblin for valuable critiques of earlier versions of the manuscript, and to Noel Holmgren (NY) and an anonymous reviewer for their formal evaluations.

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  1. 1.Herbarium, Burke Museum of Natural History and CultureUniversity of WashingtonSeattleUSA

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