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A new species of Acalypha (Euphorbiaceae: Acalyphoideae: Acalypheae) from Belize and adjacent Mexico and Guatemala

  • Daniel E. Atha


Acalypha gentlei is described, illustrated and mapped. The species is endemic to Belize and adjacent areas of Mexico and Guatemala and restricted to semi-deciduous moist forests on limestone. The species is referred to Acalypha subgenus Linostachys.

Key Words

Acalypha subgen. Linostachys Acalypha gentlei Belize Euphorbiaceae Guatemala Mexico 


Se describe, ilustra y grafica la distribución de Acalypha gentlei. Esta especie nueva es endémica a Belice y áreas adyacentes de México y Guatemala, y está restringida a bosques húmedos semi-deciduos sobre caliza. La especie es referida a Acalypha subgénero Linostachys.



Staff of the following herbaria are gratefully acknowledged for facilitating study of their collections: A, BM, BR, BRH, CR, CAS, DAV, F, G, GH, HAL, JE, K, L/U, MEXU, MICH, MO, NY, TEFH, TEX/LL, US, W. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Lucia Kawasaki at F for her generous assistance with innumerable requests. I thank the Belize Forestry Department for permitting field work in Belize; Hector Mai of the Forestry Department Herbarium for many years of rewarding collaboration; the staff of Chaa Creek Adventure Travel, especially Mick and Lucy Fleming and Mike Green and his crew of naturalist guides for their generous assistance with accommodations and field work; and two anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments. P. M. Eckel provided the Latin diagnosis.

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