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Valid publication of the family name Pteleocarpaceae

  • R. K. Brummitt


The flowering plant family name Pteleocarpaceae has been used recently but has not been validly published since no Latin description has been provided. The family includes one genus, Pteleocarpa Oliv., with one species, P. lamponga (Miq.) Bakh. ex K. Heyne, a forest tree from western Malesia. It has previously been referred to several different families, most commonly to Boraginaceae. The family name is here validated by provision of a Latin description, with some additional comments and reproduction of two illustrations.

Key words

Boraginaceae family name Malesia Pteleocarpa Pteleocarpaceae valid publication 



I am grateful to J. F. Veldkamp for constructive discussion, to Richard Olmstead and Lena Struwe for comments on their molecular analyses, to Melanie Thomas for advice on the Latin description, and to E. Soepadmo for permission to reproduce Fig. 2.


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