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, Volume 63, Issue 1, pp 41–59

A phylogenetic classification of tribe Poranthereae (Phyllanthaceae, Euphorbiaceae sensu lato)



A phylogenetic classification of tribe Poranthereae Grüning (Phyllanthaceae Martynov) is presented, based on molecular studies using DNA sequence data of nuclear ITS and plastid matK regions in conjunction with morphological characters. The tribe contains eight genera, four subgenera and 111 species. Circumscription of the genera differs considerably from previous systems. Only Actephila Blume remains unchanged. Andrachne sensu lato is divided into five genera: Andrachne L., Leptopus Decne., Notoleptopus Voronts. & Petra Hoffm., Phyllanthopsis (Scheele) Voronts. & Petra Hoffm., Pseudophyllanthus (Müll. Arg.) Voronts. & Petra Hoffm.; two further species are transferred to Meineckia Baill. subgenus Petaliferae Voronts. & Petra Hoffm. Archileptopus P. T. Li is included in Leptopus; Oreoporanthera (Grüning) Hutch. is included in Poranthera Rudge; Zimmermannia Pax and Zimmermanniopsis Radcl.-Sm. are included in Meineckia subgenus Meineckia. The genus Notoleptopus and Meineckia subgenus Petaliferae are newly described; Phyllanthopsis and Pseudophyllanthus are raised to generic level; Andrachne subgen. Phyllanthidea (Didr.) Voronts. & Petra Hoffm. is raised to subgeneric level. Six new combinations and a nomen novum are made at species level: Leptopus fangdingianus (P. T. Li) Voronts. & Petra Hoffm., Phyllanthopsis phyllanthoides Voronts. & Petra Hoffm., P. arida (Warnock & M. C. Johnst.) Voronts. & Petra Hoffm., Pseudophyllanthus ovalis (E. Mey. ex Sond.) Voronts. & Petra Hoffm., Notoleptopus decaisnei (Benth.) Voronts. & Petra Hoffm., Meineckia cerebroides (Petra Hoffm.) Voronts. & Petra Hoffm. and M. gracilipes (Petra Hoffm.) Voronts. & Petra Hoffm. Morphology and geographical distribution is discussed with special reference to petals, disc morphology and seed.

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Classification Molecular phylogenetics Notoleptopus Phyllanthaceae Phyllanthopsis Poranthereae Pseudophyllanthus 

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  1. 1.HerbariumRoyal Botanic GardensRichmondUK
  2. 2.Natural History MuseumLondonUK

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