Fibers and Polymers

, Volume 14, Issue 8, pp 1235–1247 | Cite as

Recent progress on conventional and non-conventional electrospinning processes

  • W. S. Khan
  • R. AsmatuluEmail author
  • M. Ceylan
  • A. Jabbarnia


Electrospinning is a process of producing micro- and nanoscale fibers using electrostatically charged polymeric solutions under various conditions. Most synthetic and naturally occurring polymers can be electrospun using appropriate solvents and/or their blends. Because of the fascinating properties of electrospun fibers, electrospinning has recently attracted enormous attention worldwide. Initially, this method did not receive much industrial attention due to lower production rates, costs, and lack of interest in size, shape, and flexibility of electrospun nanofibers. However, with the advancement of needleless electrospinning, multiple needles in series, near-field electrospinning techniques, and nanotechnology in particular, this is no longer an issue. This paper outlines the recent progress on the production of various sizes and shapes of fibers using conventional and non-conventional electrospinning processes (e.g., rotating drum and disc, translating spinnerets, rotating strings of electrodes in polymeric solutions, and forcespinning) and presents a complete view of electrospun fiber productions techniques and the resultant products’ applications in different fields to date.


Conventional and non-conventional electrospinning processes Recent progress Applications 


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  • W. S. Khan
    • 1
  • R. Asmatulu
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  • M. Ceylan
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  • A. Jabbarnia
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