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Atmospheric plasma advantages for mohair fibers in textile applications

  • Asl DemirEmail author


In this study, mohair fibers were treated by air and argon plasma for modifying some properties of fibers. The fibers were evaluated in terms of their hydrophilicity, grease content, fiber to fiber friction, shrinkage, dyeing, and color fastness properties. The surface morphology was characterized by SEM images. The results showed that the atmospheric plasma has an etching effect and increases the functionality of a wool surface, which is evident from SEM and FTIR-ATR analysis. The hydrophilicity, dyeability, fiber friction coefficient, and shrinkage properties of mohair fibers were improved by atmospheric plasma treatment.


Mohair Atmospheric plasma Hydrophilicity Surface modification 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Ege University Emel Akın Vocational High SchoolBornova, İzmirTurkey

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