Steady Flows of a Fluid Oscillating in an Axisymmetric Channel of Variable Cross-Section, Versus the Dimensionless Frequency

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The averaged flows excited by oscillations of fluid in an axisymmetric channel, which transverse section periodically changes with longitudinal coordinate, are experimentally studied. Oscillations are caused by harmonious change of a volume of the fluid, which is pumped over via the channel. Researches are executed within the broad range of dimensionless frequency which characterizes the ratio of the cross size of the channel to the thickness of Stokes boundary layers. It is shown that oscillations of fluid excite an averaged flows in the form of a system of toroidal vortex structures in each segment of the channel. The intensity of averaged flows increases with the increase in amplitude and frequency of fluid oscillation and is defined by the pulsational Reynolds number and the dimensionless frequency in the channel of the set geometry. It is shown that in the limit of low dimensionless frequencies, when viscous forces define the oscillating component of flow in the whole channel, the primary vortices occupy all the volume of the channel. The cross size of the primary vortices decreases with the increase in dimensionless frequency, and at high frequencies the vortexes are localized in viscous boundary layer near the side border in a narrow part of the channel. At the same time, the secondary vortices having opposite turning are formed outside the primary boundary layer vortexes in the bulk of the channel. The transformation of the structure of averaged flows and their intensity versus the dimensionless frequency are studied.

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The work is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Grant № 17-41-590773).

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Correspondence to Olga Vlasova.

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  • Axisymmetric channel
  • Varying cross section
  • Oscillations
  • Steady flows
  • Dimensionless frequency