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Microgravity Research Conducted by Prof. J.C. Legros during Parabolic Flights: Notes on a Historical Perspective

  • Vladimir PletserEmail author
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  1. Thirty Years of Microgravity Research - A Topical Collection Dedicated to J. C. Legros


This paper provides an historical perspective of the involvement of Prof. J.C. Legros in microgravity research during aircraft parabolic flights. Prof. Legros conducted 27 experiments during 33 campaign of microgravity research organised by the European Space Agency. Nearly all fields of fluid physics were investigated in microgravity by this indefatigable scientist. This paper gives a non-exhaustive summary of some experiments conducted by Prof. Legros during these 33 campaigns.


Parabolic flights Microgravity research Fluid physics Prof. J.C. Legros 



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