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Simulation of Patterned Glass Film Formation in the Evaporating Colloidal Liquid under IR Heating

  • K. S. KolegovEmail author
Original Article
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  1. Topical Collection on Non-Equilibrium Processes in Continuous Media under Microgravity


The paper theoretically studies the method of evaporative lithography in combination with external infrared heating. This method makes it possible to form solid microstructures of the required relief shape as a result of evaporation of the liquid film of the colloidal solution under the mask. The heated particles are sintered easier, so there are no cracks in the obtained structure, unlike the structure obtained employing the standard method of evaporative lithography. The paper puts forward a modification of the mathematical model which allows to describe not only heat and mass transfer at the initial stage of the process, but also the phase transition of colloidal solution into glass. Aqueous latex is taken as an example. The resulting final form of solid film is in good agreement with the experimental data of other authors.


Evaporative lithography Capillary flow Infrared radiation Glass formation 



The author expresses gratitude to Prof., D.Sc. Yu.Yu. Tarasevich for a useful discussion of some details of the work.


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  1. 1.Caspian Institute of Sea and River Transport the branch of the Volga State University of Water TransportAstrakhanRussia
  2. 2.Astrakhan State UniversityAstrakhanRussia

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