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Robotic microassembly and micromanipulation at FEMTO-ST

  • J. Agnus
  • N. Chaillet
  • C. Clévy
  • S. Dembélé
  • M. Gauthier
  • Y. Haddab
  • G. Laurent
  • P. Lutz
  • N. Piat
  • K. Rabenorosoa
  • M. Rakotondrabe
  • B. Tamadazte
Survey Paper


This paper deals with a historical overview of the activities of the French FEMTO-ST institute in the field of microrobotic manipulation and assembly. It firstly shows tools developed for fine and coarse positioning: 4 DOF microgrippers, 2 DOF modules and smart surfaces. The paper then goes on the automation of tridimensional microassembly of objects measuring between 10 and 400 microns. We are especially focusing on several principles. Closed loop control based on micro-vision has been studied and applied on the fully automatic assembly of several 400 microns objects. Force control has been also analyzed and is proposed for optical Microsystems assembly. At least, open loop trajectories of 40 microns objects with a throughput of 1,800 unit per hour have been achieved. Scientific and technological aspects and industrial relevance will be presented.


Microgrippers Microassembly Micromanipulation Microrobotic automation MEMS assembly 



These works have been supported by the French National Agency (ANR) under NANOROL contract ANR-07-ROBO-0003: Nanoanalyse for micromanipulate, PRONOMIA Contract ANR No. 05-BLAN-0325-01 and SMART BLOCKS contract ANR-2011-BS03-005, the European Union under EUPASS contract IST-NMP-1-507978-2: Evolvable Ultra Precision Assembly Systems: Next Generation Technologies for Rapid Deployment of Distributed Ultra Precision Assembly Services for Manufacture of Micro- and Nano-scale Products, HYDROMEL contract NMP2-CT-2006-026622: Hybrid ultra precision manufacturing process based on positional- and self-assembly for complex micro-products, FAB2ASM contract FoF.NMP.2012-3: Efficient and Precise 3D Integration of Heterogeneous Microsystems from Fabrication to Assembly, and by the Franche-Comté region under the MIAAMI and MIOP Projects and NEMO/Marie-Curie. Authors would like to thank C. Gorecki and S. Bargiel, from the MN2S Department of FEMTO-ST for their contribution on MOEMS assembly.


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  • J. Agnus
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  • N. Chaillet
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  • C. Clévy
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  • S. Dembélé
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  • M. Gauthier
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  • Y. Haddab
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  • G. Laurent
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  • P. Lutz
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  • N. Piat
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  • K. Rabenorosoa
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  • M. Rakotondrabe
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  • B. Tamadazte
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  1. 1.Automatic Control and Micro-Mechatronic Systems Department (AS2M)FEMTO-ST Institute, UMR CNRS 6174 - UFC/ENSMM/UTBMBesançonFrance

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