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From X-ray, neutron diffraction and molecular modelling to the crystalline structure of stereoregular polymers: a concise outlook

  • Giuseppe AllegraEmail author
X-Ray Diffraction


Analysis of some relevant aspects of crystallisation of linear, stereoregular polymers is carried out. Specifically, we consider (1) the pre-crystallisation state of polyethylene in solution according to the bundle theory, (2) the difficulty of isotactic polystyrene in undergoing crystallisation and (3) the prediction power of the intra-molecular lowest-energy principle as applied specifically to iso- and syndiotactic polypropylene.


Crystal nucleation in polymers  Polymorphism in stereoregular polymers Steric hindrance in polymer crystallization Postulates of equivalence and minimum energy in crystallized chains 



The author gratefully acknowledges very useful discussions with S. Valdo Meille and A. Famulari.


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