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, Volume 32, Issue 12, pp 5863–5874 | Cite as

Experimental research on micro mill-grinding AISI 1045 steel with a cold spraying compound micro cutting tool

  • Xuelong WenEmail author
  • Yadong Gong
  • Chao Wang


Micro mill-grinding is a novel compound machining process. This article presented a novel micro mill-grinding tool fabricated by cold spray technology. Compound tools with various grit sizes were used in sidewall machining and slotting. It is proved the effect of micro mill-grinding is better in sidewall machining. The machined surface topography and roughness were measured and the results were compared with those of micro milling. It shows that the smaller the grit size is, the smaller the surface roughness is, and the surface textures by compound tools also get tinier and denser with the decrease of the grit size. The influences of processing parameters on sidewall machining were investigated. It is found that surface roughness increases with the increase of cutting depth and feed rate, but decreases with the increase of spindle speed. The plastic deformation was found in the experiments by different machining methods, but there was no microstructure alternation. The plastic deformation of the specimen surface layer is smaller with the high cutting speed and slow feed speed in micro mill-grinding. The microhardness of the processed surface in micro milling-grinding is larger than that in micro-milling. The major wear mode of the micro mill-grinding tools is grit shedding or coating peeling off.


Micro mill-grinding Cold spray Surface roughness Microhardness Wear form 


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