Research development on fabrication and optical properties of nonlinear photonic crystals

  • Huangjia Li
  • Boqin MaEmail author
Review Article


Since the lasers at fixed wavelengths are unable to meet the requirements of the development of modern science and technology, nonlinear optics is significant for overcoming the obstacle. Investigation on frequency conversion in ferroelectric nonlinear photonic crystals with different superlattices has been being one of the popular research directions in this field. In this paper, some mature fabrication methods of nonlinear photonic crystals are concluded, for example, the electric poling method at room temperature and the femtosecond direct laser writing technique. Then the development of nonlinear photonic crystals with one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional superlattices which are used in quasi-phase matching and nonlinear diffraction harmonic generation is introduced. In the meantime, several creative applications of nonlinear photonic crystals are summarized, showing the great value of them in an extensive practical area, such as communication, detection, imaging, and so on.


quasi-phase matching (QPM) nonlinear diffraction (ND) superlattice nonlinear photonic crystal (NPC) reciprocal lattice vector (RLV) 


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The work was supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (No. 2018CUCTJ043).


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