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Study on negacyclic codes over the ring \(\mathbb {Z}_{p}[u]/<u^{k+1}-u\)

  • Tushar BagEmail author
  • Ashish K. Upadhyay
Original Research


In this paper, we study the properties of negacyclic codes over the ring \(R=\mathbb {Z}_{p}+u\mathbb {Z}_{p}+\dots +u^k\mathbb {Z}_{p} \), for odd prime p, using decomposition method. We have determined the generators of negacyclic and dual negacyclic codes. We have also established the necessary and sufficient condition for it to contains it’s dual. It is also shown that the \(\mathbb {Z}_p\)-Gray image of a negacyclic code of length n is a quasi negacyclic code of length 3n.


Negacyclic code Quasi negacyclic code Gray map Dual code 

Mathematics Subject Classification

94B05 94B15 94B60 



The first author is thankful to University Grant Commission (UGC), Government of India for financial support under Sr. No. 2061441025 with Ref No. 22/06/2014(i)EU-V.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsIndian Institute of Technology PatnaPatnaIndia

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