Jacobi Maaß forms



In this paper, we give a new definition for the space of non-holomorphic Jacobi Maaß forms (denoted by Jk,mnh) of weight k∈ℤ and index m∈ℕ as eigenfunctions of a degree three differential operator \(\mathcal{C}^{k,m}\) . We show that the three main examples of Jacobi forms known in the literature: holomorphic, skew-holomorphic and real-analytic Eisenstein series, are contained in Jk,mnh. We construct new examples of cuspidal Jacobi Maaß forms Ff of weight k∈2ℤ and index 1 from weight k−1/2 Maaß forms f with respect to Γ0(4) and show that the map fFf is Hecke equivariant. We also show that the above map is compatible with the well-known representation theory of the Jacobi group. In addition, we show that all of Jk,mnh can be “essentially” obtained from scalar or vector valued half integer weight Maaß forms.


Jacobi forms Maass forms Jacobi group Automorphic representation 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

11F50 11F37 


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