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Availability of angiography and therapeutic embolization for the treatment of acute bleeding in patients with hemophilia

  • Mi Jin Kim
  • Ji Young Oh
  • Young Shil ParkEmail author
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Clotting factor replacement therapy alone is often inadequate for acute bleeding in hemophilia patients, and surgery for such patients poses significant clinical challenges. Arterial angiographic intervention is used to control bleeding in local blood vessels. In the present study, we examined the clinical course and prognosis of hemophilia patients with bleeding who had undergone angiography, and evaluated the validity of diagnostic angiography and therapeutic embolization in these patients. Angiography was performed in five hemophilia patients, who experienced bleeding that was difficult to control even after treatment with clotting factor replacement or bypassing agent therapy. Of these patients, four were confirmed to have continued bleeding, and angiographic embolization was performed using clotting factor concentrates or bypassing agents. However, one patient developed uncontrollable bleeding at the puncture site, which eventually led to the patient’s death. Thus, angiography and therapeutic embolization may be the preferred procedures for the treatment of hemorrhagic complications, refractory to treatment with clotting factor concentrates or bypassing agents. Further comprehensive, multidisciplinary team studies are needed to develop effective strategies to reduce hemorrhagic complications.


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  1. 1.Department of PediatricsKyung Hee University Hospital at GangdongSeoulKorea
  2. 2.Department of RadiologyKyung Hee University Hospital at GangdongSeoulKorea

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